Common Consumer Law Questions Part 2


This is part 2 of our installment on common consumer law questions.

I received a consumer credit transaction summons, are their any free services that can assist me?

There are services that may be able to assist you, however this depends on your location, and whether you meet their qualifications. Generally if you’re low income, you can seek assistance through the Civil Legal Advice and Resource Office (CLARO). They offer self-help sessions in order to assist defendants of these types of lawsuits. You can find more information at the CLARO website.

If CLARO does not offer assistance in your area, you could try contacting a volunteer lawyers organization or other non-profit legal services. These include Legal Aid, Neighborhood Legal Services, and Empire Justice. They may be able to assist you if your income level meets their requirements. You also contact the court clerk or the county bar association for further assistance.

I would like to pursue a breach of warranty action, what is the statute of limitations?

The current statute of limitations for a breach of warranty case is four years.

Can a supplier claim interest if I make late payments?

This will depend on your agreement. Check your invoice to see if there is a finance charge provision. If it is not present in some form of written agreement, the supplier cannot unilaterally charge you interest.

I have a complaint about a credit agency, who should I contact?

If you cannot resolve the issue directly with the credit agency (your best bet), you could try contacting the NY State AG’s office. If they cannot assist you directly, they may be able to refer you to the right agency for assistance.

Note: The above is NOT legal advice and is for general informational purposes only.

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  1. Can I contact a lawyer and sue a credit agency if they keep contacting me even when I told them they have the wrong person??

  2. pritsky

    Hi Madeleine,

    That depends if they’re violating state or federal harassment laws. You can certainly contact a lawyer to determine if their actions constitute harassment.


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