Staying Comfortable on Your Feet

nursing shoes 1As nurses, it is important for us to have the right kind of shoes because we move a lot during our eight- to twelve-hour shifts. And without a reliable pair of nursing shoes, our leg and back will eventually suffer. A quality pair of nursing shoes can support not only your feet but your legs, back and joints as well. This is important in preventing future health problems like arthritis and slipped discs which are characterized by severe discomfort in every little movement you make.

If you are just new in this profession, you might not be aware that nurses usually work in extreme conditions. When understaffed, nurses are forced to work in straight 12-hour shifts. They help in tedious tasks like lifting patients and providing assistance in bed baths. When there is a code, they also run in the hallway to get to the patient as fast as they could. Therefore, a good pair of nursing shoes will help in preventing painful heels, legs and back during and after duty.

Posture support is important in preventing low back pain and leg problems. It is also important for nurses to maintain good posture for more endurance in completing everyday tasks. According to Dr. Barbara Bergin, an orthopedic surgeon in Austin, Texas, the most important consideration for healthy shoe wear is arch support. High or low arches have been a common problem for most people so shoes with stable arch support are preferred. A great arch support will also add more comfort when you’re walking or running around a busy unit.

Nurses are prone to develop health problems like arthritis, muscle cramps and low back pain because they are always working on their feet. These problems can be easily prevented by wearing proper shoes for hospital work. Just imagine wearing comfortable and lightweight shoes at work. It will be easier to move around, right? Wearing the best nursing shoes for your feet is critically important in completing as much tasks as possible, especially when you are working in busy and extended shifts.

A study revealed that nurses, especially those who are working in nursing homes, are more likely to suffer slip, trip, and fall injuries than workers in other industries. Spills in hospital floors is common and you should protect yourself from these with the help of water-resistant non-slip shoes. Ensuring your safety is always important and never forsake it for a cheaper pair of shoes. No doubt that being a nurse is one of the toughest jobs around. The burden of a busy shift will feel less as long as you have a comfortable pair of shoes to start with.

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